This homeowner reached out to Hughes Construction for foundation repairs including helical piers.


Helical Piers

Prior to hiring a contractor, the homeowner consulted an engineer to determine the cause of several foundation cracks and the best path forward.  The engineer recommended repairs including the installation of six (6) helical piers to address the issues the home was experiencing.

We installed the repairs in accordance with the designs provided by the designing engineer of AO Engineers.  See below for the breakout of the corrections made to the property.

  • Six (6) galvanized helical piers installed.
  • We lifted an exterior wall of the home one inch.
  • We adjusted two steel columns in basement to level out main support beam.
  • Our crew injected the foundation cracks with structural epoxy or urethane foam depending on the size and condition of the crack.
  • Upon completion of the injection work, we removed the injection material on the exterior and wall was patched with patching compound.

For more information on our recent helical pier projects, check out our videos link.  We have several videos here relating to the different uses for helical piers.

Do you have questions regarding your foundation and not sure where to start? Then reach out to our office staff via our online contact form.  After we review your project, we will be in touch to let you know what the next step is.

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