Home foundation repair -this year as you are contemplating your new years resolution for 2020, we encourage you to consider your home and the attention it needs. Many homes in the tri-state suffer from foundation issues that could have been prevented. While not always possible to prevent foundation issues, if addressed sooner rather than later, homeowners may be able to save themselves money and headaches down the road.

A few quick reminders regarding home maintenance this year:

  • Clean gutters and downspouts routinely throughout the year
  • Clean drains/drainage pipes to allow water to flow as intended
  • Inspect home foundations and crawl spaces for signs of water infiltration or other issues
  • Check retaining walls for cracking, leaning or other signs of failure
  • Check that sump pump functioning appropriately
  • Note that the grading of your yard should allow for water to run away from foundation

Keep in mind contractors typically schedule several weeks out and at times in several months out, so its best to address any issues as they arise versus waiting until the last minute.

If you have recently experienced leaks in your foundation, be sure to get those checked out sooner rather than later. It is always best to contact the structural engineer before taking on a home foundation repair project or contacting contractors. This will allow for you to determine what the best approach is to address your homes needs. Foundation problems can result from multiple factors. Each home has its own unique circumstances. Hence there shouldn’t be a one size fits all approach when it comes to repairing them.

In closing please note that a little routine upkeep can go a long way to help prevent problems in the future.