We recently finished up on this project on the westside of Cincinnati.  The home sits on a hill and the foundation was experiencing inward wall movement and cracking. The rear wall had moved inward several inches. This movement was likely the result of unbalanced pressure on the wall. The engineer consulted by the homeowner recommended the installation of an anchorage system as well as a waterproofing system. These corrections will remedy the inward wall movement and cracking, providing the home with a stable foundation.

Hired by the homeowner, Hughes Construction installed the designs as specified by the engineer.

Waterproofing & Drainage:

  • Exterior walls excavated down to the footer
  • Two 4″ schedule 40 drain lines were installed at the base of the footer (One perforated for groundwater and the other connected to the downspouts)
  • Walls coated with HLM 5000 and capped with mira drain 6200 to facilitate drainage
  • Over 100 tons of gravel-That is a TON of gravel!

Wall Anchorage & Stabilization:

  • Wall pushed back as much as possible to plumb
  • Installed steel angles to anchor wall
  • Foundation cracks injected (these injections will also help to keep the water out)

In conclusion, there are many factors that go into having a stable foundation. As seen on this project, appropriate drainage and anchorage of walls is vital.   If you are noticing evidence of wall movement or cracking in your home, its best to start with a structural engineer.  They will determine what the root cause is of the issue you are experiencing. Then taking your  unique circumstances into account, they will determine what the best approach is moving forward.

~Designs for this project were developed by the designing engineer of Buyers Protection Group.

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