This apartment complex had fourteen of its main support beams failing due to plumbing issues. The building was constructed with crawl space access, which is effective if someone stays on top of the maintenance in these areas. When an apartment would develop a plumbing leak, no one would know unless the entered the crawl space which allowed water to run onto main support beams, which in turn produced rot causing the floors to drop several inches. This project was particularly difficult due to the low clearance in some areas making the already challenging work even more difficult. Steel angles were installed in one of the buildings on campus to prevent the wall from leaning outward, which can eventually cause the wall to fail. Hughes Construction replaced all of the wood supports in two buildings with steel supports, which leveled the floors and provided a much more stable platform for the floor joist to sit on. Adjustable steel columns were added over the years in an attempt to correct the problems but are not a permanent solution. Its always better to contact a professional and have the work completed the right way the first time.