Could helical piers be the answer to your settling foundation? This Cincinnati home had some settling which led to the malfunction of an exterior door.  To resolve this foundation issue,  Hughes Construction installed 6 helical piers. This application will help to alleviate future settlement problems as well as addressing the issue at hand.



Pier Installation

In addition to the foundation stabilization we added a new drainage system. This new system will carry water away from the home’s foundation.  Because water around the foundation can lead to further problems, this too will help to alleviate future problems. To learn more about how helical piers can permanently stabilize a settling foundations click here.

Above all, please remember to contact a licensed engineer for any foundation concerns.  The engineer will do an inspection and determine what the best path forward is.  We have found that this saves our customers money in the long run. This is because the engineer is unbiased and just wants the project to be done correctly. He or she isn’t trying to make a sale.

Hughes Construction Company installs a variety of foundation repairs designed by licensed engineers.  The specifications for this project were designed by Cole Engineering Solutions.

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