This week we are showcasing our helical pier supplier/manufacturer, PierTech Systems.

Helical piers are an innovative way to reach stable soil and permanently stabilize a foundation

Helical piers, also known as helical piles or screw piles have become more widely adopted only in recent decades, but their origin actually dates back to the early 1800’s. The first helical piers were invented in the 1830s to stabilize structures constructed on unstable surfaces, like sand or mud. Back then, helical piers were made of cast or wrought iron, while todays piers are typically made of steel.

 Helical piers are so popular today because they are:

    • Environmentally friendly
    • Removable for temporary structures
    • Designed to be installed in low access areas
    • Lighter and more hassle-free than concrete
    • Cost-effective
    • Designed to be installed in all weather conditions
    • Vibration-free
    • Corrosion-resistant due to galvanization
    • Designed to be affixed immediately to structures


Features of a PierTech System helical pier install:

    • TruLink Torque Monitor and Calibrated Computerized Install-A reliable system that instantaneously records the load capacity for your structure.
    • No Impact from Weather-We can install rain or shine!
    • High Load Capacity Immediately– This means no waiting for concrete to cure before install.
    • Accurate Placement-The patented Tru-Lift bracket system allows for adjustments post-pier installation, so placement doesn’t need to be 100% exact.
    • Galvanized Option-will last a lifetime or two.
    • No Excavation Required-saving you labor costs as well as disruption to your project.
    • Secure Cross Lock Connection System: Provides instant alignment with a complete steel on steel connection. The torque is fully contained in the coupling, so that the compression loads never reaches the bolts.


Patented Cross Lock Connection



Hughes Construction Company is now offering test installs to verify capacity!  Reach out to our office for more information.

To learn more about the history of helical piers, click here.



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