We have received an increased number of calls relating to porch movement and cracking lately. When a home is built, if the porch is not appropriately poured and anchored, over time movement may occur as a result of the freezing and thawing of the ground below.  This porch movement in turn can lead to cracking and potentially other issues.  Have you noticed cracking and movement of your porch? If it is similar to what is seen in the photo below it is best to reach out to a structural engineer to determine the cause.  This simple step can help ensure that your porch will last for years to come.

porch movement

This Mason home experienced porch movement and cracking.  Unfortunately, when this home’s foundation was originally poured the porch did not meet frost depth. This in turn led to settlement, causing the cracking and gaping experienced. To resolve the issue Hughes Construction Company  completed the following:

  • we removed the existing porch
  • the porch was replaced adding an appropriate footer poured at the appropriate depth
  • in addition, we installed steel dowels to prevent future separation
  • all concrete for the project was class C concrete with fiber reinforcing

Plans and recommendations for this project were provided by the designing engineer of Buyers Protection Group.

Do you have questions regarding issues with your porch or foundation? Then feel free to reach out to us via our contact form. Our office staff will review the project and respond within one business day.


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