precast concrete wallThis home was built using precast concrete wall panels to form the basement walls. Over time the precast wall sections had experienced movement and separation in some areas. This resulted in settling which was evident within the garage.  In addition, this movement was contributing to other areas of concern.

The homeowner had consulted with Cole Engineering Solutions on how to best remedy the situation. Cole Engineering Solutions worked with the homeowner to develop a correction plan that would stabilize the home.

This repair was somewhat extensive involving the following:

  • the removal of the garage floor
  • installation of new footer
  • the installation of a secondary wall to stabilize the home
  • four (4) helical piers installed on the exterior to prevent future movement of precast concrete wall
  • finally the replacement of the garage slab and a portion of the driveway

To get a full appreciation of the extent of the project please visit our gallery below. The homeowner was wise to not attempt this repair without consulting a licensed structural engineer.

When speaking with your engineer be sure to discuss with them the urgency for correcting the issue at hand. Is the project something that needs immediate attention or can it wait a few months?  Please keep in mind that contractors do typically schedule several months out, so ask about where they anticipate your project realistically falling on their schedule. Many contractors may not be able to give an exact start date but should be able to provide a projected timeframe.

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