Previous Foundation Repair


Do you have a previous foundation repair that does not seem to be doing what it was intended to?

This particular Villa Hills home had experienced foundation movement issues nearly a decade ago.  It was decided at that time the fix to be installed was a concrete deadman and three yard anchors. In addition to this they also injected the visible cracks. This solution as it turns out was not sufficient to stabilize the unbalanced soil pressure the home was experiencing.  Which unfortunately allowed for the foundation walls to continue to experience movement over the years.  As a result of this movement, several of the injected cracks cracked again and additional cracks developed allowing for water to seep in.

The owner hired a structural engineer to assess the home and determine what the best path forward would be.  Buyers Protection Group’s designing engineer determined that given the home’s circumstances, the best approach would be to install the following:

  • a wall anchorage system
  • a wall bracing system
  • a brick angle on the exterior of the home
  • inject the cracks with structural epoxy

These corrections would in turn stabilize the foundation to prevent further movement and water infiltration.

After the engineer finalized the designs, the homeowner hired Hughes Construction Company to implement the remedy.

The photos provided below show the project prior to our corrections (the previous foundation repair) as well as some of the corrections Hughes Construction installed.