Does your home have proper drainage?

Drainage is one of the many projects that we take on here at Hughes Construction Company. A few pointers on determining if your home’s drainage is up to par for the upcoming spring season. First it is important that you keep up on your routine maintenance. Window wells and drainage systems frequently become clogged, be sure to clean out regularly. Depending on the type of drain tile, over time it can even collapse. If pipes/tiles are collapsed/crushed or are excessively clogged they will need to be replaced.  You also want to make sure that the water from your downspouts is being successfully carried away from your home not discharging along your home’s foundation.

As we have mentioned before, routine maintenance is key with your drainage system. Over time, if left unaddressed, water can accumulate and infiltrate your home leading to possible foundation concerns. For more details on drainage solutions check out our posts from previous work in our “Projects” tab and you can see drainage projects such as this one to determine your specific need. Be sure to check out the recent drainage project below:

On this particular project, we took the below steps to ensure the proper drainage system for their home’s needs:

  • Firstly, a new concrete box drain was installed that would outlet into 6″ schedule 40 perforated drain tile
  • We placed a second concrete box drain at the front of the property to continue the flow down the left side of the property
  • Then, we excavated the left foundation wall down to footer depth, installed new drain line, and sealed the foundation wall with HLM 5000 and dimple board.
  • After that, we backfilled with twenty four inches of 1” washed gravel and replaced the soil
  • In addition, we saw cut and installed steel trench drains across a section of driveway
  • To address water issues in the rear of the home, we saw cut the driveway to accommodate 6″ steel drain along the entire width of the garage door openings and out rear for discharge
  • To finish, we patched the concrete with 5″ of fiber reinforced class c concrete, and finished to match surrounding areas
  • Upon completion we added seed and straw to the affected grass area

If you have questions regarding drainage issues, feel free to reach out through our website via our contact form. This allows you to upload photos and describe your concerns allowing our company to assess them. Our office will be in touch within one business day.

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