New Wall

This recently completed projected involved a failing retaining wall.  The homeowner contacted Hughes Construction Company after working with Cole Engineering Solutions to design a replacement wall.

Hughes Construction Company removed the existing wing wall and poured a new wall to retain the hillside and landscaping.  The wall was installed following the designs drafted by Cole Engineering Solutions.  In addition our crew also installed a drainage solution to carry water away from the homes foundation. This will help to alleviate future drainage issues.

Do you have a retaining wall that is showing signs of age or failure?  If so it is best to have it looked at to determine its structural stability. Walls showing signs of age or cracking are at an increased risk of failing.

Keep in mind that a wall installed for the purpose of retaining, must be able to offset the forces being exerted upon it.  Walls over forty eight (48) inches in height are required to be designed by a structural engineer. Anything less than four feet is considered to be a landscaping wall and a landscaping professional should be able to help with your project. Walls not correctly designed and installed likely wont hold up over time.

For more retaining wall projects completed by Hughes Construction Company please check our “Projects” page on our website by clicking here.

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