This home in Clifton faced a porch issue -it was tilting forward and separating from the house.

Constructed on a separate foundation from the main house, the porch slab was supported by stone block piers. Differential settling had caused it to tilt and pull away from the home.

Recognizing the problem, the homeowner consulted a licensed structural engineer, Mike Montgomery of Buyers Protection Group. His recommendation was as follows: support the porch foundation with four helical piers. One at each front corner, and two on the left side of the steps, each with a capacity of 10,000 pounds.

Helical piers offer several advantages, including faster installation, minimal disruption to the site, suitability for various soil conditions, and immediate load-bearing capacity.

With the plan set, the homeowner assigned Hughes Construction with the task of installing the piers.
Our initial step involved excavating the foundation to accommodate the piers. Then, utilizing specialized equipment like our drive-head and torque pin monitor, we ensured precise installation. Once in position, Tru-Lift lifting brackets from Pier Tech allowed us to lift the porch.

After completing the lifting process, we securely stabilized the porch, restoring it as closely as possible to its original position and alignment with the house.

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