Settling Home AdditionThis home owner contacted Hughes Construction Company to address their settling home addition. As you can see in the photos  attached, there was separation of the supporting beams below the home. The home also had interior cracks.   BPG’s structural engineer determined that these concerns were indicative of differential foundation settlement.  Based on his recommendation and specifications Hughes Construction implemented the following corrections:

  • Lifted support beams and columns to level position
  • Filled voids under lifted columns
  • In addition we installed hurricane clips to help stabilize the structure.

Keep in mind if you think you may have a settling home or addition, or structural concerns, do yourself a favor and hire an engineer the first time around.Our experience has been that hiring an engineer up front to assess the situation saves our customers money in the long run.

The engineer is an independent party that wants the project to be done correctly and isn’t just trying to make a sale.  You receive a truly independent and unbiased assessment of your property and you get an honest opinion of what needs to happen, or not happen for that matter.  Keep in mind the most expensive fix is not always the right fix. Do it right the first time.  Hire an engineer upfront saving yourself both time and money.