Spalling concrete was evident on this homeowners garage floor.  This concrete slab served as both the floor to the garage and the ceiling to the basement. The spalling concrete was likely the result of rusted reinforcing steel observed during the engineer’s inspection. Hughes Construction injected the 12′ overhead crack in the basement with structural epoxy.

Spalled Concrete & Crack

In addition, this home also suffered from some structural issues as a result of notched floor joists.  To provide structural stability we installed an adjustable steel column and top plate that spanned the length of the notch.


support column


Over time concrete can deteriorate and breakdown.  While preventative maintenance can go a long way to keep larger problems from occurring, it is  not always possible to prevent issues.  However, if addressed early on, homeowners may be able to save themselves money and headaches down the road.

Keep in mind that whatever the recommended correction is for your home you want to be confident it is the appropriate fix for your project the first time. Not all repairs can be reversed once installed or applied.  Always hire a structural engineer prior to hiring a contractor to ensure the implemented work is the best solution for your home’s needs.