Stair Stepped Cracking

We have had several clients reach out recently due to stair-stepped cracking in the brick façade of their home. This type of cracking at times is the result of expansion and contraction of a rusty window or door lintels, or it can also be a sign of foundation concerns.  These cracks should be evaluated by a licensed structural engineer.

Stair-stepped cracking was evident on this home in addition to cracks in the foundation walls, and water infiltration. The homeowner hired a structural engineer to determine the cause and remedy.  The engineer determined that this particular home required some structural repairs and foundation stabilization.

As a result the homeowner hired  Hughes Construction to firm up their foundation.  In accordance with specifications designed by Buyers Protection Group,  the following was included in our scope:

  • we installed 104 Steel Angles
  • excavated the left foundation wall
  • installed three concrete underpinning piers
  • injected wall cracks with epoxy

We completed the above scope and then lifted the home back to level position.   Once we completed stabilization of the foundation, we regraded the soil to slope away from home.

If you are experiencing similar issues with your home, start with the engineer.  You want to be confident the implemented correction is the appropriate fix for your foundation the first time around.