stairwell replacement

stairwell and wall showing signs of deterioration and movement

Concrete stairwell replacement may be the solution if you are experiencing a stairwell that is showing signs of deterioration.  Over time weather and other factors can take their toll on concrete. This particular home was experiencing several issues with a concrete stairwell and landing.  The homeowner hired Cole Engineering Solutions to design the repair/replacement of the stairwell, wall and landing. This sidewall serves as a retaining wall for the stairwell. Because of this placement of steel reinforcement is critical.  Any retaining wall exceeding four feet in height is required to be designed by a licensed structural engineer, per code. This particular step was crucial to ensure the long-term success of the new concrete stairs, wall and landing.

After the homeowner had designs in place, they hired Hughes Construction to implement the work.  Hughes Construction removed the existing deck, landing and stairwell to prep the area for the new design.   See the attached photos for more details including before, during and after photos.  You will notice that prior to backfilling and installing the patio, we waterproofed the retaining wall and installed a drainage system. It is important to note that the engineers take into account many factors when designing walls, such as drainage.  By doing so they help to ensure this new addition to this backyard will be a long-term solution for this owner. Without the appropriate steel placement, waterproofing and drainage system, its only matter of time before issues will appear.

Are you experiencing issues with an exterior concrete stairwell or retaining wall?  Then do yourself a favor…  hire a structural engineer before hiring a contractor. This simple step will likely save you some headaches as well as money in the long run.


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