Despite the current pandemic, home buyers are finding ways to move forward with their purchases. And with that we have been receiving an increase in calls from buyers regarding the structural components of the homes they are looking at.  Some concerns inquired about are the structural integrity of the main support beam as well as the floor joists. For these concerns and/or foundation concerns, the first step is to consult a structural engineer.   As we have said before, your home is likely to be one of the largest investments you will take on in your lifetime. You want to make sure that you are making well informed decisions regarding your purchase. The engineer will be able to assess the home, determine if there is an issue at hand, and provide recommendations as to what the correct repairs are given the unique factors involved.

Below are a couple projects we have completed involving structural repairs/stabilization.

A structural engineer  assessed the structural framing of this  home to ensure it met industry standards.  The engineer noted that the center beam needed to be stabilized utilizing adjustable steel columns in place of the existing temporary columns.  The engineer also recommended additional columns added at the ends of the beams along the foundation wall. We also installed lag bolts to secure and add stabilization to the center beam, as well as sistering a full-length joist. The specifications for this project were provided by Buyers Protection Group.





This particular home required stabilization in the crawl space.  The project itself included the installation of 2 support columns to provide additional support to the steel beam. In addition, we installed eight LVL’S (laminated veneer lumber) to ensure structural stabilization.  The specifications for this project were provided by Cole Engineering Solutions.






Are you currently in the process of buying a home? Selling a home? Already own a home and have concerns regarding the foundation or structural stability of the home? Then it is time to have a structural engineer out to assess the issue(s) at hand.  This is a critical step prior to hiring a contractor or contacting a contractor for pricing. Each home is unique and has factors that contribute to the circumstances. It is critical to identify the root cause of the symptoms before jumping into repairs.  By doing so you will ensure you are addressing the issue the right way the first time. This small investment upfront will likely save you money in the long-run.