Recently we have been receiving increased calls from clients taking on projects that involve older homes, reviving different parts of town such as Over the Rhine and Northside.  Many of these homes due to age and time are in need of structural stabilization for multiple reasons.  A common reason is that buildings left unkept or open to the elements over time welcome in some of nature’s smallest culprits to set up home. These small critters can create some issues around the house both inside and out. If you notice issues with insects, its best to enlist the assistance of pest control experts.  If as a result of these critters you are experiencing structural concerns, reach out to a structural engineer. The engineer can determine to what extent the damage is and the best approach to address it.

Previous Project Involving Insect Damage

This home in Over the Rhine was in need of some structural stabilization due to wood boring insect damage.

Per the recommendations provided by Buyers Protection Group, we installed a 3″ adjustable steel column on top of a new footer as well as installing shims to ensure that an existing post was appropriately contacted with neighboring joist.

Wood boring insects can be troublesome. They can eat away at the structural components once inside a home impacting the overall structural stability. To help keep insects at bay address any areas of damp/rotting wood you find around your home as soon as possible.



Have you noticed insect damage? Make sure you work with a pest control professional to address the problem as soon as possible.  Once you have the issue under control reach out to a structural engineer. The engineer will determine the extent of the damage and the appropriate repairs. These little creatures can cause problems when left untreated. However, if you address any issues right away you will likely save yourself additional headaches and expenses down the road.