structurally deficient beams


This Cincinnati homeowner hired Cole Engineering Solutions to assess some structural issues. There was concern some of the basement beams were structurally deficient. Upon inspection, the engineer found the beams in question unable to carry the load as required by code.

Hughes Construction Company was then hired by the homeowner to repair the structurally deficient beams.  Our repairs will ensure that the home is structurally sufficient and in compliance with the local building code.

We installed a new concrete footing along with 2 adjustable steel columns.  It should be noted that all repairs made for this project were done so in accordance with the specifications provided by Cole Engineering Solutions.

Not all foundation repairs need to be elaborate and expensive. It all depends on the problem, and what the cause of that problem is.  When faced with a structural issue or a foundation concern contact a licensed engineer before hiring a contractor to address the situation.   In the long run you will save you money, and rest easy knowing your homes needs have been addressed appropriately.

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