Support Beam

A support beam’s structural stability is important in a home.

A homeowner in Northern Kentucky contacted Buyers Protection Group to assess their home’s support beam. Over time the support beam was rotating and was supported using temporary columns.  The client then reached out to Hughes Construction Company to install the recommended repairs.

For this support beam project:

  • First, we used shoring for main support to prevent the risk of collapse
  • We installed 4- 2″x10″ over the length of thirty feet
  • Additionally, we grouted solid to the columns/foundation walls.

More Information About Shoring: 

  • In cases such as this, shoring is used to ensure the stability of the home and the safety of our crew
  • Assessing capacity of each shoring is one of the many trainings our crews have
  • Aluminum beams are placed under the floor joist running in the same direction of the support beam providing enough shoring to support the home.
  • The high load shoring utilized on this project has a leg load of 10,000 pounds per leg
  • Each aluminum beam has a load capacity of 3,000 pounds per lineal foot

Looking to replace a structural beam? It is best to first have an engineer come assess the property.

Some benefits of hiring a structural engineer:

  1. First, they will assess the unique situation your home is encountering
  2. Allows the home owner to know exactly what repairs are necessary versus trying to determine which approach best suites your needs

Have a structural engineers report and starting the next step of repairing the project? We would be happy to review your project to see if it is something within our scope of work. Reach out to us via our Contact form any time day or night. We also invite you check out our “VIDEOS”  and “PROJECTS” pages for more information on past projects. Uploading your engineer’s report and/or designs directly with the contact form can help expedite the time it takes to get back to you. Our office staff will review the project and be back in touch with you, typically within a business day.