Home owners in the Greater Cincinnati Area have seen a fair amount of standing water this month, with nearly 5 inches of rain for the month of September 2018.

Have you noticed puddles along your foundation these last few weeks? Has that led to basement seepage? If so this could be the result of an incorrectly sloped yard.

Keep in mind all this recent rain should flow away from the foundation of your home not puddle along side it.  Water can be destructive, over time it can erode soil potentially leading to future foundation failure. Moreover water is a master of exploiting the tiniest of openings and finding its way inside if given the opportunity which in-turn can lead to seepage into your basement.

If you have a negative grade to your yard or it slopes toward your home you may want to consider a correction to help ward off future foundation problems. Residential building code requires that a yard should slope away from the home by 6 inches within the first 10 feet of the house. Yards not meeting code can lead to unbalanced soil pressure on your foundation walls and other conditions contributing to water permeation of the home and foundation failure.

So what is the downhill side of an incorrectly sloped yard? The potential for foundation failure and impacting the overall structural integrity of your home.

It is always best to consult with a licensed structural engineer before moving forward on any foundation related project, whether it be an incorrectly sloped yard, drainage problems, noticing water/moisture in the basement, or cracks in the foundation walls. This enables you as the home owner to know what you actually need for repairs and the best method for your unique situation.


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