too much soil

This homeowner had reached out to us originally for some foundation repairs and then hired us to regrade the backyard to resolve drainage issues relating to too much soil.

Foundation repairs on this project:

  • First, we removed drywall, tile, framing needed to complete project
  • We installed nine (9) steel pilasters to the specifications listed by the designing engineer of Cole Engineering Solutions
  • Cracks were cut and tuckpointed in the affected area


Grading & drainage portion of project:

  • Removed existing decking
  • Hauled off ten (10) plus truckloads of dirt and debris from the rear and left side of the home
  • Installed drainage behind home that runs along the side of home connecting to three (3) new window wells
  • Patio drain installed
  • French drain installed
  • We installed a drainage line to connect downspouts and patio drain
  • Installed concrete patio
  • Seed and straw placed in the impacted area

Too much soil an issue at your home? Do you have other questions or concerns about your home’s foundation or drainage? Please feel free to reach out to us via our contact form.  Here you can upload a description of your project/concerns along with photos. Our staff will review the project and reach out to you to further discuss within one to two business days, depending on the volume of inquiries.