Garage Transformation

Cincinnati’s Mt. Adams neighborhood is an area that boasts stunning city views and architecture. However, this beauty comes with challenges, including tight streets and limited parking; a concern highlighted during a recent project by Hughes Construction.

Hughes Construction and structural engineer Mike Montgomery embarked on a challenging project to transform the garage of this 1890 home. The initial hurdles included an awkward entry made up of load-bearing walls. Mr. Montgomery devised a comprehensive plan to address these issues and we set out to install it.

A slight hiccup


Upon opening the walls, we found that the header above the original doorway did not span from wall to wall. Mike Montgomery reviewed the project again on-site and wrote new specifications required for installation.


We needed extra support beyond the original plan to fully utilize the garage space. This required temporary shoring in both the basement and first floor to provide essential support during the renovation process. Additionally, temporary needle beams assisted to distribute the load effectively. These measures were crucial for maintaining structural stability while modifications were underway.



Installation of temporary needle beams help to distribute the load while we work.

Beam Installation

A new steel beam replaced the old and insufficient header, reinforcing the structure and allowing for the creation of a more functional space.




With the beam in place, we installed a new concrete block column underneath.




Additionally, Mr. Montgomery recommended replacing the temporary steel columns in the basement with stronger ones on new concrete footings. This upgrade further enhanced the stability and durability of the garage.



Garage Transformation Complete


A meticulous approach and attention to detail have not only improved the functionality of the space but also enhanced its structural integrity. This project exemplifies our commitment to excellence and our ability to overcome unexpected obstacles. If you’re facing a construction challenge that demands innovation and expertise, trust Hughes Construction to turn your vision into reality.