Unstable Cistern

This particular home was in need of some repairs for its foundation and unstable cistern. Some foundation concerns require just a simple routine repair to get things back in order and stabilized.  However, at times the repair is a little more extensive. This project involved the following:

  • filled cistern with 150 yards of concrete
  • install 6 steel pilasters
  • excavation to install new drainage solution
  • installation of egress window
  • sealed exposed foundation walls with HLM 5000 and capped with dimple board
  • installation of retaining wall to support future addition

This homeowner worked with Cole Engineering to design the repairs implemented by Hughes Construction Company. These repairs stabilized the home as well as establishing a sound foundation for a future addition.

If a cistern sits empty for extended periods of time it can lead to unbalanced pressure being exerted on the walls. This can lead to an unstable cistern and wall movement.  Its best to address the issue sooner rather than later to help avoid further damage.

If your home has an old cistern that is no longer in use, and you have concerns regarding its structural stability… we recommend reaching out to a structural engineer. They can determine what the best path forward is for this space.