Experiencing unstable soil on an upcoming project? Not sure what options are available to resolve this obstacle? While there are multiple options to address unstable soil, helical piers may be a cost-effective alternative.

Unstable Soil in the Cincinnati/Tri-State Area

Here in Southwestern Ohio, we have a lot of clay soil; and clay particles tend to expand and contract in response to moisture. This process can in turn can cause settlement in your foundation. Utilizing helical piers can solve unstable soil problems before they happen, as well as minimize interruptions to scheduling during construction.

Helical piers are innovative way to proactively stabilize your foundation to prevent settling. These specially designed round shaft piers are driven into the ground with computerized equipment.  The weight of a structure placed on top of a helical pier is transferred deep onto stable, load-bearing soil; without the need to excavate to reach it. This equipment utilizes specific torque readings enabling the piers to have a high load capacity instantly.  No need for the product to cure or acclimate, they are ready to build upon immediately after installation.

How Helical Piers Can Save Money:

  • Cost of post-construction repairs may be avoided, such as repairs to foundation walls or other structural components of the home caused during the settling process.
  • Reduced labor and excavation cost, and minimal equipment needed.
  • Installation during the construction phase may  reduce the number of piers, as well the hardware needed to support the structure.

Piers could be your solution to salvaging an original build site with minimum interruption to schedule.  All while giving you peace of mind your home.

Curious about helical piers for an upcoming project? To find out more about helical piers please click here.   Need a structural engineer can help you determine if helical piers are an appropriate solution for your upcoming project? Visit our preferred engineers page.

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