Concrete is a hot topic right now. Everyone is hoping to get their concrete projects completed before the weather turns. Below we discuss a  few items to keep in mind when planning your upcoming concrete projects.

Concrete Class

Is all concrete the same? No. There are different “classes” of concrete to choose from. Here at Hughes Construction Company we use Class C or city mix. Class C is the same concrete mix  used for the local roads and highways. Be sure to know what class or strength of concrete your contractor will be installing to ensure you are receiving a high quality product.


There are multiple ways to reinforce concrete.  Some contractors install re-bar, some install mesh, while others use a fiberglass mesh. Hughes construction uses micro fiber in all of our flat concrete work.  The fibers are added to the cement mix at the plant and provide superior product. This fiber reinforcement provides a nice strong product and helps to prevent the concrete from cracking and improves impact resistance.

Schedule and Weather

Its important to understand what the schedule is for your project when contacting contractors.  You have to keep in mind that concrete work is very weather dependent, and different weather calls for different measures to ensure that the concrete cures appropriately. Be sure to ask your contractor what their schedule is and how it will be impacted by the upcoming seasons? Along with asking what measures they  will take to ensure the product will cure appropriately.

Concrete Discoloration
If concrete is poured in less than optimal weather conditions, the concrete can cure at different rates. This causes what appears to be staining or a discoloration of the concrete. Please keep in mind that concrete can take up to a year to reach its fully cured coloring.

In Conclusion
When shopping around for your concrete project, whether it be a new driveway, sidewalk, concrete patio, or hot tub slab make sure you are comparing apples to apples. This will help you obtain competitive pricing and get the best product for your budget and needs.

Here at Hughes we will work with you for the best solution for your project, not the most expensive. We want the product that we place on your property to last as long as you need it to.

Check out the attached photos of one of our recent concrete projects!