Vertical Foundation Cracks


This home had two vertical foundation cracks in one of its walls. These cracks were most likely the result of unbalanced soil pressure on the exterior of the wall. The homeowners consulted with Cole Engineering Solutions regarding this concern. The structural engineer recommended the cracks be sealed and monitored for future movement. In addition it was recommended landscaping be addressed as it may have contributed to the cracking.

Hughes Construction Company was hired to implement the recommendations of the designing engineer. We injected the cracks and then returned at a later date to remove the ports and surface material. While it is not necessary to remove the ports and surface material, doing so will allow the homeowner to finish the wall how they choose. Please note that choosing to remove ports and surface material will increase the cost of the project.

Foundation cracks happen for different reasons. While some cracks need to be addressed others just need to be monitored. If you find vertical foundation cracks, or any foundation issues, consult a structural engineer.  Its best to do this before contacting contractors.  The structural engineer will assess your home and the factors contributing to the cracks. The engineer will then determine the best approach going forward. This may save you money in the long run. In addition it will allow you peace of mind regarding the structural stability of your home.

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  • Vertical Foundation Cracks
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  • Vertical Foundation Cracks