wall installPart 2 of previous wall install post…

We previously posted about the excavation and prep work to allow for the install of this 10 ft tall retaining wall.  In this post we will touch on the final prep work, the formwork, pouring of the wall and finishing of the project. Check out the photos in the gallery below.

A few notes on this portion of the project:

  • After we removed the existing wall, poor soil, and installed the new footers; we then started the formwork which allowed the new wall to take shape.
  • Once we placed and secured the forms, we brought in a pumper truck to pour the wall. Thirty two (32) yards of concrete were pumped into this wall.
  • To complete the area we backfilled it with gravel. Due to the poor soil conditions we needed a little over 270 tons of gravel. That is a lot of gravel!
  • We left the driveway with exposed gravel for future blacktop installation. Typically on a project such as this we recommend the homeowner allow for at least six (6) months from project completion prior to installing the blacktop driveway. This allows for any settlement of the gravel to avoid potential potholing in the new driveway.

If you or someone you know is experiencing issues with an existing retaining wall the first step would be to reach out to a structural engineer to evaluate the wall.  The engineer will determine the structural stability of the wall and provide you with a path forward to correct any issues found.

If you have questions regarding retaining walls feel free to visit our retaining wall page  for additional information or contact us via our website by clicking here.

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