This particular home was experiencing lateral wall movement.  The home had previously had work completed to address the issue but the previous homeowner only implemented a portion of the engineer’s designs. By not installing the full design, the home could experience additional  wall movement in years to come.

Hughes Construction Company completed the following repairs to address the issue and stabilize the home’s foundation:

  • Installed steel angles on the left, front and garage walls of the foundation which anchored them to the floor joists
  • Installed  brick support angle along rear wall to help support the brick facade on the rear of the home

Corrections were made per the recommendations of Buyers Protection Group’s  designing engineer.

When tackling home foundation repairs, do it right the first time. Have the engineer out to assess the property and implement any recommendations. Picking and choosing what portions of the work you want to do typically is not going to address the problem at hand. This can result in ongoing issues with the foundation and additional costs down the road. Not to mention it defeats the purpose of hiring the engineer in the first place.

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