Water loves to find its way in.
This homeowner had a penetration in their foundation wall to allow their Geothermal pipes to enter the home. Geothermal heating/cooling systems work by leveraging the stable temperatures found a few feet below the Earth’s surface to heat or cool buildings.


This system is highly efficient because it uses the constant ground temperature, which is cooler than the air in summer and warmer in winter.  Geothermal heating and cooling systems can drastically reduce energy bills. Of course, to circulate the outside ground temperature through the home, you need to install pipes through your foundation to complete that loop.

Unfortunately, anytime you have a wall penetration in a foundation you (literally) open yourself up to the possibility of leaks.

This was indeed the case for this homeowner, and they called us in desperation to stop the flow. Fortunately for this homeowner, we were able to inject it with a hydrophilic, water activated epoxy resin. This product quickly reacts with water and expands up to 600% to create a closed-cell watertight foam.  The goal with epoxy injections is always to fully penetrate the wall as much as is possible and keep water out.

Hughes Construction is specially trained in the use and application of these high-quality professional grade products. You cannot buy them (or our expertise) at your local home improvement store.

This leak had been previously injected, but it was done improperly. As a result, the seal had failed. Addressing a leak requires careful selection and application of the right sealing product. It’s essential to evaluate various factors to ensure the repair is effective and durable.

These factors include the type and volume of the leak, the size and nature of the crack or defect, accessibility for repair, environmental conditions like weather and moisture levels, as well as the expansion rate, curing time, and viscosity of the sealing product.

The floor below is now nice and dry.


Hughes Construction completed this project for the minimum injection fee of just $650. This fee includes the first 10 lineal feet of crack injections, then $65 per additional foot.

Don’t let a leak compromise your home, seal and secure your foundation. Contact us for an estimate today!


  • Foundation Wall Penetration Leak
  • Foundation Wall Penetration Leak Repaired
  • Foundation Wall Penetration Leak Repaired