There are many reasons homeowners find themselves dealing with water invasion in their basements.  Sometimes the reason can be complex foundation issues, other times the reason is a pretty straight forward simple fix.  Often times homeowners find water entering the basement around piping or other penetrations in the wall.  On this home we injected the void around a PVC pipe with urethane foam to create a tight seal. This simple injection will keep the moisture from finding its way in.

The weather is warming up and spring is quickly approaching. This is a good time to do a perimeter check around your foundation.  A few things you to note are the following:

  • Penetrations into the home should be properly sealed around, this includes vent pipes, water pipes, cable wires, etc… If not properly sealed this can allow for water invasion.
  • Window well drains and yard drains need to cleared of debris to allow for appropriate drainage.
  • Do you notice any cracking that you had not previously noticed? For more about foundation cracks click here.

Next time you have the opportunity, do a quick walk around your home. Address anything that may need your attention, typically the sooner the better. And remember a little upkeep and preventative maintenance can go a long way to keep larger problems from occurring.

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