Impact on Economy

As homeowners we are always looking for ways to save on upcoming projects. Especially now as the cost of everything seems to be rising daily.  Unfortunately many businesses are still trying to recover after shutdowns or cutbacks on production. This along with elevated cost of labor and materials can result in a direct impact on the consumer’s pocketbook.

Due to limited resources many companies are being forced to restructure their pricing and how they do business.  Examples of these new policies include requiring deposits for quoting projects, instituting service call fees and fuel surcharges, adding minimum quantities to orders, and just an overall increase in the cost of projects.

Hughes Construction Company is working to keep the impact as minimal as possible for our clients. As part of that effort we thought we would offer some suggestions that may help stretch your dollar on upcoming projects.

Ways to save on upcoming projects:

Research your contractors, know what type of contractor they are and what types of products they install. 

  • Installing quality products the first time versus materials that have a limited lifespan can save you money in the long run.  Initial cost may be more upfront, however a long-term solution versus having to redo the project in a few years will save you money overall.
  • Understand your quote and know what the scope of the project includes.  Making sure you and your contractor are on the same page prior to hiring them may save you money in change orders after they get on site due to a lack of communication prior to hiring them.
  • Does your project include a workmanship warranty? Is this warranty an additional cost and what does it cover? Is it transferable? Does it expire? Are there requirements so the warranty isn’t voided?  What is the lifetime of the warranty?  A company that offers a lower priced repair, however they charge a monthly fee for your warranty may end up costing more over the course of several years than a company that is more costly upfront but the warranty is included at no extra cost. Understand your contractor’s warranty prior to hiring them.
  • Are there service fees associated with a company coming out to complete a repair under warranty, if so it may make sense to wait out the initial service call to make sure there are not other areas that need addressed.  Then consolidate your concerns in one call versus multiple visits from the company.  This may result in only have to pay one service fee versus multiple fees.

Looking to complete foundation repairs?

  • Start with a structural engineer.  Yes there is a cost of doing so. However, this step is crucial to ensuring the project is completed correctly the first time around.  Having to redo a foundation repair can be costly. Additionally by doing so many homeowners save money in the long run, as the engineer has the homeowners best interest in mind and isn’t looking to make a sale or upsell a product or system.  This will allow you to know exactly what repairs you need.
  • Make sure to compete your project.  Obtain quotes from multiple companies if possible.  Be sure you are comparing apples to apples when reviewing your quotes.  What may appear as a cost savings may be a contractor quoting a different product than another contractor, be sure to ask questions and understand your project and proposal as well as the products/services you are receiving.

Are you flexible on your projects timing?  

  • Ask companies about upcoming gaps in their schedule they are looking to fill.  Some companies may offer a short notice scheduling discount. Others offer discounted rates at certain times of year when business is slower.  If you are flexible see if the company offers a discount for taking a gap they are looking to fill.

Not sure where to start?
If you have an upcoming project please reach out via our contact form.  We would be happy to review the project to see if we can assist.


Also be sure to keep an eye out for additional posts this summer on ways to save…These suggestions will continue to be of benefit even after we emerge from these challenging times.

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