Does a wet basement have you looking for answers? Many homeowners reach out as a result of water infiltrating their basement.  If you find yourself in this position, its always best to try and determine where the water is coming from.  Is leaking plumbing the issue? Is it coming in around a window? Does the window have a window well that is clogged? Do you notice any cracks in the foundation walls?  Is there a wall penetration such as a gas line or water line?  The answers to these questions will help direct you as to where you need to start.

If it turns out that you are experiencing cracks in your foundation or the water is coming in through your foundation, then start with an engineer. The engineer will determine the type of crack it is/or cause of the issue and the best path forward. Many times, simple injections can resolve the issue as long as there are not additional foundation concerns. Again, this is determined by the engineer.

Below are a couple of our projects that have been resolved with the use of injections.

Leaking Foundation Crack:

Before Injections

After Injections










This home’s foundation cracks were injected to stop water seepage. The above photos show the crack before the injections and then after.  It should be noted that we recommend allowing for some time after the injection process before reinstalling the drywall.  This due to the possibility that at times cracks may need touch ups.  For this reason, it is best to wait and ensure that the crack is no longer leaking before finishing the wall.

Leaking PVC Pipe Penetration:

Wet Basement caused by leaking wall penetration

Before injection around PVC pipe

After injection around PVC pipe









Hughes Construction injected around a PVC pipe that was penetrating the home’s foundation. The homeowner was experiencing the infiltration of water and sand around the area. By injecting with urethane foam this area will be sealed.

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