We have been receiving many inquiries related to concrete replacement projects. Our concrete schedule is currently full, however we wanted to offer a few items to consider for your upcoming project.


Important aspects to consider before reaching out to contractors are:

  • SCOPE- What are you looking to accomplish? Basic standard concrete? Something more decorative?
  • TIMING-When are you looking to accomplish the project by?
  • BUDGET- How much are you looking to spend?


How do you maintain your new investment after it is installed? For the most part concrete doesn’t require much maintenance. To get the most out of your new or existing concrete keep the following in mind:

  • Concrete can take up to a year to fully cure, during that time it may continue to change color.
  • No chemicals for the first year! This is very important as we enter this time of year! You want to make sure not to use chemicals to remove ice or snow for the first year after installation. Mechanical forms of removal are best during this time to help get the most out of  your concrete in the years to come.
  • If it has been some time since your concrete has been installed/sealed, you may want to consider sealing again (of course when weather permits). Properly sealed concrete reduces the amount of water and chemicals it absorbs.

In closing, having as much information readily available when you speak to a contractor may help to expedite the estimating process.  As a reminder many concrete installers schedule several months out.  Be sure to plan accordingly.

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Photos attached are from a recent project where we replaced the owner’s driveway and installed a trench drain. Our schedule will open back up Spring 2022, please feel free to reach out to us then to discuss your upcoming concrete replacement projects.