Here in Cincinnati we are often faced with drainage challenges during the spring months.  Over time if not addressed these challenges can lead to foundation issues.  We previously posted  “Drain Tile and Different Types of Pipe”,  in which we discussed some of the different types of drain pipe used for drainage systems. We will discuss the different types of drains themselves in our next several posts,  including but not limited to catch basin drains (commercial box drains), trench drains and french drains.




Catch Basin Drain


Often times catch basin drains are associated with commercial settings. Typically seen in parking lots. However these drains come in multiple shapes and sizes are a viable option for both commercial and residential applications where standing water poses a problem.


Trench Drain

Trench drains are typically found near driveways and commonly installed by garage doors to keep water from entering.  Again these drains come in multiple sizes and styles depending on the need.


French Drain

French drains are a custom drainage solution using gravel and drain tile that can be adapted to the appropriate size for your unique drainage needs.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more about each of the above drain types.  We will go into more detail regarding the specific characteristics of each drain and when its application is appropriate.

Finally to see examples of the above drain types in action click here to view videos.