Episodes of heavy rain this year left many faced with rain runoff from not only their own yard but their neighbor’s as well. Sound familiar?

For these two projects (photos below) the homeowners decided to combine efforts to address their drainage concerns. These neighbors take on large amounts of water from the neighborhood each time it rains. The original drainage system was inadequate and not able to keep up with the local water run off.

Both homeowners hired Hughes Construction Company to implement a new drainage solution. This combined solution will accommodate each home to drain the runoff as needed.

We installed a drainage system consisting of schedule 40 drain pipe, a commercial sized catch basin, and a driveway trench drain.  These homeowners saved money by choosing to complete the work at the same time utilizing the same company.  This approach also proved effective for the installation of highly efficient drainage system to address rain runoff.

For more information about drainage solutions and different types of drains check out our NEWS page and the post below. If you are looking to address a drainage issue, we would be more than happy to discuss the project with you. Reach out via our CONTACT link.


Drainage Projects and Drain Types