Repairs to foundation walls

This Northern Kentucky homeowner was in need of some repairs to foundation walls. They had hired a structural engineer to assess the property and determine the best path forward. Once the engineer had developed a report/designs the homeowner reached out to Hughes Construction to implement the following corrections:

  • We removed drywall as needed to install eighteen (18) steel angles on the front foundation wall and eighteen (18) steel angles on the rear foundation wall. 
  • We installed a total of thirty six (36) steel angles on the project. 
  • In addition, we injected approximately 33 feet of foundation cracks, as well as patching an area that had cracked due to rusty steel.

The designing engineer of Buyers Protection Group developed the designs for this project.

If your home is in need of repairs to your foundation walls, consult with a licensed structural engineer. The first step of any foundation repair project is to consult a structural engineer. The engineer will determine the cause of the problem and an appropriate correction. This crucial step will likely save headache and potentially money in the long run.

Finally, if you are looking to have your project quoted by Hughes Construction please see our post below on our current process.

Foundation Repair Estimates


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