Over time window wells and drainage systems can become clogged and even collapse causing water to accumulate. This can lead to moisture finding a way inside, creating an environment for mildew and mold to grow. In addition it can contribute to other foundation concerns.

This home was experiencing a backup of water in a window well which was leaking in through a basement window.

Hughes Construction Company excavated and installed a new Schedule 40 drain line from the side gutter downspouts and window well. This new drainage system will alleviate the homeowner from having to pump the accumulated water each time it rains.

It is wise to address clogged drains sooner rather than later.  Be sure to clean out drains and free them of debris regularly. It is necessary to address these issues before they lead to additional problems.  Buildup of debris can cause these drains to backup, potentially allowing for standing water around the foundation. If these areas are not designed to absorb excess water, it will likely find a way inside.

In addition to addressing window wells, be sure your downspouts are draining the water collected away from your foundation. This will help to alleviate the chance of water seeping in.