drainage issues

Drainage issues and rain go hand in hand. Last week we saw record amounts of rain creating issues across the tristate for home and business owners alike.  Many homes’ drainage systems are not equipped to take on such large quantities of water so quickly.  Making sure your drains are appropriate for the amount of water your property collects during any given rainstorm is key.  Keep in mind that in addition to the runoff from your own property, you may also be taking on water from your neighbor’s property. This all needs to be calculated into the design of your home’s unique drainage solution.

Are you experiencing problems with runoff each time it rains? Reach out via our contact form or give our office a call. We would be happy to review your project and help you with a drainage solution that suites your needs.  We custom design each of our projects utilizing water runoff calculations and laser grade readings specific to your property.  A well designed drainage solution that is appropriately maintained will help ensure that water is being appropriately carried away from the home’s foundation, preventing future problems.

On this project we completed the following to address the drainage issues the homeowner was experiencing:

  • We excavated and installed 135 feet of 4-inch schedule 40 drain line.
  • We connected two downspouts to the new drain line.
  • Installed a cleanout near the driveway to allow for a driveway drain installation at a later date.
  • The drain line was daylighted at the rear of the property.
  • Once we complete installation of our drainage solutions we replace the soil and then seed and straw.