Installing Deck Helical PiersInstalling deck helical Piers may be the foundation solution for your upcoming deck project.

If you are looking to install a deck in the coming year check out the benefits of utilizing helical piers for your deck’s foundation.

  • Fast Installation
  • No impact from weather
  • High load capacity
  • Accuracy from the Torque pin monitor
  • Added depth
  • Pier Coating available
  • Connection bracket
  • No excavation

We recently installed piers for a local decking contractor, All Decked Out, to build on.  We installed three (3) galvanized helical piers.   For this project, the piers were installed at a seven (7) foot depth, with a 6″ x 6″ deck bracket attached to build on.  The project took just a few hours to complete and was ready for the deck installer immediately after. Check out the photo gallery for  photos of the install and completed deck.

For more information on installing deck helical piers and whether they are an appropriate solution for your project, check out our Deck Helical Piers page. If you already have designs feel free to submit them via our contact form.  Our staff will review your project and be back in contact to let you know if we can assist.

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*We use Pier Tech Systems for all our helical piers and brackets.

*Completed deck photo provided by All Decked Out.


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