This Taylor Mill homeowner hired Hughes Construction to upgrade the waterproofing and drainage system surrounding their home.

  • Hughes Construction excavated around 25 feet of the foundation to the depth of the footer.
  • We coated the exposed foundation wall in HLM 5000 and capped it with dimple drainage board to facilitate drainage.
  • We installed a new 4″ schedule 40 drain line at the bottom of the excavated drainage ditch.
  • After placement of the new drainage system, we backfilled the area with two feet of one inch drainage gravel.
  • To minimize settlement, we replaced the soil in compacted lifts
  • Lastly, we covered the area impacted around the home with topsoil, seed,  and straw.

Waterproofing and drainage concerns surrounding your home’s foundation? Be sure that you are taking care of routine maintenance items. As tedious as it may be, some routine upkeep can go a long way to help prevent problems in the future. However, if you are noticing water infiltration and/or cracks in your foundation, its always best to consult with a licensed engineer.  The engineer will determine the issues needing to be addressed and the best path forward.

For some reminders on items to keep an eye on/stay on top of, check out this post on home maintenance.

For more information regarding drainage solutions check out our post on drainage projects and drain types.

Still left with drainage questions? Then reach out to us via our contact form.  You can upload a description of your project/concerns along with photos. Our staff  is happy to assist you with your questions and are typically respond within one business day.






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